Andrés Rodríguez Crespo

Instructor Open Water

Results for SSI Professional:  106197



Estatuto Docente: Active
Fecha de caducidad: 2024-01-01
Training Center: 711277

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Dive Professional Level: Instructor – entitled to certify those Programs :

Dive Professional Nombre: Andrés Rodríguez Crespo
Dive Professional SSI No.: 1061967

Highest Pro Level: Open Water Instructor
Member Level (renewal payment level): Instructor

SNOI Snorkel Diver Instructor
DG Dive Guide
DM Divemaster
AI Assistant Instructor
ITC ITC Completion
OWI Open Water Instructor

This SSI Professional is authorized to teach and certify the following SSI Programs

Snorkel Program
SNO (Snorkel Diver)

Snorkel Leader Program
SNOI (Snorkel Diver Instructor)

Diving Program
TS-P (Try Scuba) REF (Referral Diver (Academics & Pool only))
BD (Basic Diver) SD (Scuba Diver)
IDD (Indoor Diver) OWD (Open Water Diver)
SSU (Scuba Skills Update) AA (Advanced Adventurer)
SC-DD (Deep Diving) SC-EAN32 (Enriched Air Nitrox Level 1 (32%))
SC-EAN (Enriched Air Nitrox Level 2 (40%)) SC-NV (Navigation)
SC-PB (Perfect Buoyancy) SC-SCO (Scooter/DPV Diving)
SC-SR (Stress & Rescue) SC-WTC (Waves, Tides & Currents)
DGNA (Dive Guide – Pro Status Not Activated)

Dive Leader Program
DG (Dive Guide) Pro Training SPI-DD (Specialty Instructor Deep Diving) Pro Training
SPI-EAN (Specialty Instructor Enriched Air Nitrox) Pro Training SPI-NV (Specialty Instructor Navigation) Pro Training
SPI-PB (Specialty Instructor Perfect Buoyancy) Pro Training SPI-SCO (Specialty Instructor Scooter / DPV) Pro Training
SPI-SR (Specialty Instructor Stress&Rescue) Pro Training SPI-WTC (Specialty Instructor Waves, Tides & Currents) Pro Training

Award Diving Program
CD (Century 100 Diver) SILD (Silver 300 Diver)
GD (Gold 500 Diver) PD (Platinum 1000 Diver)

Recognition Card
RC-SSI (Recognition Card) RC-ADVENTURE (Recognition Card – Adventure Dive)
RC-VARIOUS (Recognition Card – Various)