Diving points • León Marino Diving Center in Tarifa

Diving points

Diving on Tarifa Island

Villa de Tarifa, framed in the Natural Park of the Strait of Gibraltar | Zone A or Integral Reserve
Puntos de inmersión buceo Tarifa

Our diving center has all the comforts and safety measures so that you can enjoy your dives to the fullest.

At the reception we will check your diver and insurance information so that everything is in order. If you don’t have insurance, we’ll do it for you. Diving should be fun and safe.

In the changing rooms you will have a locker to leave your things and 4 showers with very warm water. We have a sweetening and disinfection area for diving equipment

Also, remember that after each dive, Nieves will always have something delicious, sweet or salty, prepared for us to accompany with a coffee or tea.

Why dive in Tarifa?

Isla de las Palomas is linked to Tarifa by a bridge that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean.

It is the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula and Continental Europe. The island has a perimeter of less than 2 km. and around it we have most of the diving points.

The Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Strait and the currents create a unique underwater ecosystem in the world with the greatest underwater biodiversity in Europe.

Price of the dives

If you have your diving equipment, one dive will cost you €38 and if you do two on the same day €70 . You can book your dive and on the day you come to dive, rent all the equipment or anything you might be missing.

If you need to rent all the diving equipment, one dive will cost you 60 and if you do two on the same day €105. The dive computer is included in the rental.

There is an extra €10 per Nitrox bottle, flashlight, night or long distance diving.

All our dives are with a certified guide.


We do at least two dives every day.

For the first one, we’ll meet you at the store at 9:00 am.

For the second one, see you at the store at 11:30 am.

Schedules may be modified due to the need to adjust to weather conditions