Diving Baptism Course

Discover the seabed, a unique experience


Scuba diving in the Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park

Dive like an expert

Diving is an easy, simple activity for all audiences. The only prerequisite is to be healthy and willing to enjoy the treasures that the underwater world offers us. The activity takes place on the Island of Tarifa, within the Strait Natural Park, so the possibility of seeing marine life is guaranteed.

How is the course developed?

LEON MARINO DIVING CENTER we are the only diving center in Tarifa that has achieved the excellence of DIAMOND CENTER, which Scuba School International grants to diving schools that are characterized by the highest level in terms of facilities, diving material and training of their staff. instructors. This year 2024 we have achieved it again, for the fourth consecutive year.

Online theory

First we will give you a little theory in the classroom so that you understand the basic principles of diving and in this way your experience in the water will be totally rewarding.

If you do not have your SSI profile, you can create it here or we will create it for you.


We will start in an area with very shallow depth to get used to the equipment and we will do some exercises to know how to solve problems and gain confidence with diving.
From there, we will evolve a little deeper to a maximum of 5 meters deep.

The dive is in the Estrecho Natural Park, it is an easy and controlled area full of marine life.


In the end you will obtain the SSI Diving Baptism certification


PRICE: €95

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Previous requirements

No prior aquatic training is necessary to participate.

Minimum age 10 years

Course duration

This course lasts approximately one morning.
We will be in the water for approximately one hour.

What is included?

Digital access to the full program. Diving insurance for the duration of the course
Full diving equipment including the boat ride to the dive area
Course registration, diploma and digital certification

You can give a diving baptism to whoever you want, buy it here and we will send you a gift voucher for you to give to them

Excellent diving guarantee


LEON MARINO we are an official MARES center and all our diving equipment is brand new high-end models.

All our instructors have training endorsed by SSI Scuba Schools International and are in Teaching Status and have professional insurance. We have all the safety and hygiene measures with antivirus and antibacterial protocol, first aid kit and oxygenation on the boat and in the store.

Only diving center in Tarifa DIAMOND CENTER.

Only diving center in Tarifa INSTRUCTOR TRAINING CENTER.

At LEON MARINO DIVING CENTER we are totally aware of and involved in caring for our health, the environment and the love for the oceans.

Pure air Bauer

BREATHE DEEPLY. The air we breathe is the most important and fundamental part of our diving equipment. Our BAUER-certified charging station only fills bottles with PURE AIR. Free of moisture, oil, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. We are the only diving center in Tarifa with PURE-AIR certification</ a>.


We collaborate and provide logistical support to the OCTOPUS association for the conservation of the seabed of Tarifa Island.

OCTOPUS TARIFA is a non-profit association that is interested in the conservation of the seabed of the Island of Tarifa, which is within the Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park.
In addition to beach cleanups and awareness talks at schools, we monitor the bottom of the island daily with the support of LEONMARINO and its divers, collecting plastics and abandoned fishing gear and reporting any incident observed to the Natural Park.

We are a BLUE OCEANSS official center

We want everyone to be aware of the environmental issues that affect our oceans day after day.
SSI’s Blue Oceans movement advocates for the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems, including oceans, seas, coasts and waterways, as well as their magnificent diversity of plant and animal species.